Winners of Dick the Halls


"My Dick the Halls necklace is probably now my favorite holiday accessory. 📷 It brings a smile to my face; it's festive, silly, and beautifully crafted. It's a conversation starter, sparking a long conversation with my partner and me about sex shaming, race and hypersexualization, and modesty. It's a great not always so sneaky way to push sex positive topics into the conversation. Pleasure Pendants would be the ultimate gift for someone who teaches sex education, like me! Or who just loves genitals...also like me! 📷📷📷"



"Santa came early to my house! EEK!! The whole package was everything I needed to finally get into the Christmas spirit. Now that I put it on I don't want to take it off. Thanks for all the extras too. This necklace will be cherished for years to come. Hopefully passed on to the next generation. I love it!"



"My snowman is so cute! He makes me happy! And I get so many compliments - everyone loves him. Pleasure Pendants are the ultimate gift for anyone who is comfortable with their sexuality and appreciates intimate art! 📷"


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