White Light Meditation

I recently felt the need to find a good meditation for White Light Protection, so I did what I normally do to find guided meditations. I headed to YouTube.

I wanted a powerful, but short, video that I could add to my morning routine. I wanted it to be by someone who is spiritual but relatable and not too "woo-woo".

I came across this video by Melanie Beckler of Ask Angels, and I've been listening to it every morning with Selenite (in my pocket) & Rose Quartz (in my bra). 

Then I created this graphic based on Melanie's video to keep as the lock screen on my cell phone. I can just look at my phone & read the words to myself when I need a pick-me-up! It's been really helping me snap out of some bad mindsets!

I invite you to download this graphic and do the same thing. 


I hope this White Light Protection meditation helps you as it's been helping me! 📷

📷 P.S. Do you have a favorite White Light or Bubble Protection meditation? Hit REPLY to share it with me! 📷

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