Tips on Cleansing & Protecting your Home with Crystals

I'm moving!

My boyfriend and I are moving to Vancouver, WA! We're leaving a 1-bedroom apartment for a 3-bedroom townhouse, which we will be sharing with our friend.

My office space right now consists of a desk tucked in a corner of the dining room and a couple of desks pretty much overtaking the living room.

But in the new house... I'm gonna have a full-on office! SQUEE!

I am so excited to have a space dedicated to my jewelry and my intuitive readings. And I can't wait to incorporate some crystal feng shui in my decor.

Speaking of crystal feng shui... 

When we get the keys at the end of the month, I'm going to cleanse the house and prepare it before we start moving things in.

Here's my plan...

(I invite you to do any or all of these things for your own home. 💖)

1. Sage cleansing with a bundle of sage, roses, and a big chunk of amethyst from Bohemian Cowgirls 2. House cleansing prayer with a white candle and a huge chunk of rose quartz 3. Setting the intention for 8 selenite/black tourmaline pieces to cleanse and protect our home 4. Hanging those crystals in each main corner of the home (upstairs and downstairs) and connect their energies to finish the crystal grid

I'm also going to use a western bagua to feng-shui-up my office space! I'll be aiming to bring in more success and prosperity. 😍

I can't wait to bring crystal energies into our home and my office space. I'll keep you posted on how it affects the vibe of the house.

In the meantime, I am going to leave you with an affirmation card that I live by and will be posting in my new office.


Believing in and following my inner truth helps me live an authentic and empowered life.

I hope this affirmation helps you follow your dreams and live the life you want!


P.S. Moving will likely cause delays in my responses and in order shipping, but I will do my best to keep up with things in a timely manner!

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