Sexy is a State of Mind

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

It can be hard to see pics of myself sometimes.

Yes, I'm body positive. Yes, I know I'm beautiful and desirable. But sometimes, the societal beauty standards that are deeply ingrained in me sneak back in...and frankly, they're a real cunt. 

I love this picture of me helping my best friend get in her wedding dress.She's gorgeous and happy. And I couldn't be happier for her. (And who doesn't love a good pic of someone pushing up their boobs?)


When I put myself back in the moment of the picture, I remember how GORGEOUS I felt that day and the happiness I felt for her and her new husband. And I remind myself that sexy is a state of mind!

FUCK society's view on what beauty is!

EVERY body is beautiful!

And ANYONE can feel sexy in their skin RIGHT NOW.

Need a little help remembering your beauty? Print this affirmation card and place it on your bathroom mirror.

Any time you see the card, read it out loud to yourself.


There's real magic in using affirmations. The more you say them and hear them, the more you believe they're true! 


Sexy is a state of mind!


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