#SexWeCan by Eleanor O'Brien of Dance Naked Productions

Sex We Can! An Erotic Uprising



As you are probably aware, sex is in the news a lot lately, and most of the news ain’t good…sexual assault, abuse, misconduct...basically, sex as a weapon of power. But what if we focused on sex as a source of connection, sex as a path to healing, sex as a means of communication?

Sex We Can! is full of stories that change the narrative from shame to celebration, from fear to empowerment, and from hiding to showing up and sharing. With a cast that includes performers from across the gender spectrum and represents the alphabet of sexual orientations and preferences, Sex We Can! aims to inspire conversation, empathy, and arousal.

The only way to crush shame is to share stories of our sexual selves...

Moving from slut-shaming to slut-claiming, embracing your kinks, allowing for the full spectrum of sexual expression (asexuals welcome!) and with sexual empowerment for all, this show says “HELL YES” to asking for what you want and refusing to be silent, shamed, or shut down.

Join Dance Naked Productions in creating a community event that rallies support for pleasure as a basic human right.  Be a part of a movement that brings together sex-positive people from all walks of life to envision a pathway out of our current mess, and towards a brighter, more compassionate, connected future.

Support Sex We Can! and buy your tickets here!

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