Passionate about giving back

I donated about 10 inches of hair a couple of months ago! That moment my stylist cut the ponytail off felt like freedom! (So. Much. Hair.)

I've been donating my hair since I was 10 or 11, so it's been about 15 years now through 3 different organizations. I think this was my 7th ponytail! 

To me, this seems like such a small way to give back... growing my hair for a couple years then chopping it off. But I know it means so much more to the children who need a wig through Children with Hair Loss. 😍

My hairstylist, @michellerhair from Urban Oasis Salon in Gresham, was telling me she'd love to have more people donate their hair. She is so passionate about helping children and families in need and doing it through an organization that doesn't charge the families for a wig.

In fact, it's so important to her that she doesn't charge the person donating for her services! So generous! 💖

If you are looking for a way to give back and have at least 8 inches of hair to donate, consider doing so! It's so easy and fulfilling knowing your hair is helping someone who needs it.

Otherwise, Children with Hair Loss could always use cash donations to help pay for the cost of making their wigs.

Now tell me!

Have you ever donated your hair? What's a charity you're passionate about?

Let me know in the comments!

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