Need a little taste of vacation?

I’m back from vacation! 

My partner, Mike, and I spent time in Pennsylvania visiting his family and my bestie, Emily. It was a good trip... for the most part.

While we were with Emily and her hubby, we met up with one of my fellow bridesmaids from their wedding and hung out in downtown Lancaster, where we saw some Amish people driving their  h o r s e - d r a w n  b u g g y  around (surreal!).

Btw, isn’t it amazing when you make friends with one of your close friend’s friends? 💖 So much shared love to fill up on!

My time with Emily went way too quickly, and I didn’t get as much one-on-one time with her as I would have liked. But the time we did get was wonderful.

And spending time in her tiny town on the east coast always renews my love for the liberal Portland area. West coast, best coast!

Hanging with Mike’s family was nice. They’re pretty low-key and easy to be around. They’re much easier than my own family! 😝

Some of the highlights...

We spent time at Hersheypark, where Mike and I did a lot to avoid getting motion sickness. As part of that effort, we visited ZooAmerica, which is connected to the park (and has no rollercoasters). 

We went to Kutztown Folk Festival, a big Oktober-esque-fest with lots of Amish arts, crafts, and German- and Dutch-inspired food. 

On the Fourth of July, we had a barbeque with a family friend and met the happiest, sweetest black lab-basset hound mix (he looked like a normal black lab with disproportionately short legs).

The weather was reminiscent of being in a sauna with all of the heat and humidity and none of the relaxation. And we endured heavy rain showers almost every day of our trip that made it almost impossible to drive.

I don't miss that!

And my relationship with my partner was tested on a couple of levels on a couple of occasions. But we made an effort to  c o m m u n i c a t e  about our frustrations and made it home together.

All in all, it was nice to have time off. I came home feeling inspired to make new jewelry, find new ways to connect with my audience, and work on my personal development.

And I’m excited to share these things with you, Friend... soon. 🙂

In the meantime, if you could use your own taste of vacation, grab a copy of my erotic story, Fantasy Vacation.

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