My website is sparkling fresh!

My website is sparkling fresh!

I gave my website a fresh face and added some features I think you'll enjoy. Check 'em out below.

Psssst...There's a freebie at the bottom for you!

Erotic pics are now labeled #nsfw

Before you get to any erotic pics or pages, you'll see a #nsfw, so you know not to open them on your work computer...or at your conservative grandma's 87th birthday party.

Go to

Jewelry galleries are up

You can see my Goddess Jewelry (feel free to scroll safely).

And click the banner at the top to see my Erotic Jewelry.

See Goddess Jewelry

Get advice

Ask me for advice on anything you're struggling with spiritually or sexually — such as being true to yourself, embracing your sexuality, loving your body, or something similar.

I’ll do my best to answer your question in an upcoming newsletter or in some other format that I think will help the largest number of peeps. 💖

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