My sex talk with my mom...

This post was originally sent to Crystal Passions, my VIP e-Club, on October 25, 2017.

My sex talk with my mom is a major reason why I create the jewelry I do!

I'm stopping by because I have something you may enjoy! I recently shared a story in my Crystal Passions e-Club on Facebook about the first (and only) "sex talk" I got from my mom. Passionistas over there dug my story (and even shared their own!). 

Here we go...


Let's talk about sex...

Most people have interesting (and potentially embarrassing) stories about their first sex talks with their parents.

What's my story? Here's the short version...

Well... I was 19 before my mom ever gave me a sex talk... and all she basically told me was how my dad never really satisfied her in the 25 years they were married. Yikes!

Here's the long version*...

My mom didn't give me a sex talk until she found out I was having sex. I was 19 years old.

The majority of the looong, frustrating conversation we had is mostly a blur of comments about how she's never really been sexually satisfied and how "guys usually don't care if your needs are being met if you aren't in a relationship".

I was raised in a very abstinence-is-the-only-way kind of religion & household. And I subscribed to that way of thinking until I was around 16 or 17 years old. Then I started thinking about what *I* wanted and why.

Eventually, *I* decided I wanted to have sex. I figured it's natural and fun

When my mom found out I was having sex, she started slut-shaming me. I remember her smacking my head one day and calling me things like "slut" and "whore".

Now don't get me wrong. My mom isn't a terrible person, and we're on great terms these days. But the hurt she caused me will ALWAYS be with me.

I have teenaged nieces and nephews now, and I want them to know that abstinence isn't the only way. And I don't want them to EVER know the sex-shaming I knew or feel the associated pain that I felt.

The experiences I had are a huge part of why I design Pleasure Pendants. Even as adults, I want everyone to feel like sex isn't taboo - it's natural, beautiful, and pleasurable. The shame that our society puts on sex is not okay. We can RECLAIM our sexuality! We can proudly be OURSELVES!

*This story has been edited. To read the full, unedited version, click here.

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