My Happy Plan for the New Year!

Hey Boo Thangs,

It's almost 2017! Where the hell did 2016 go? Your guess is as good as mine.

I'm not a resolution-maker, so don't expect any out of me. What I am, though, is a planner and a goal setter. It's my nerdy side. :-)

My nerdy-planner-and-goal-setter self created "My Happy Plan" for 2017 and beyond. Basically, it's a commitment to myself and my business - and ultimately, to you! <3

Take a peek at My Happy Plan below:


My Manifesto goes hand-in-hand with My Happy Plan.

If my way of business resonates with you, I would be honored if you'd join my Inner Circle, which is my exclusive e-club for my trusted friends. Throughout 2017, I'll keep you posted on my jewelry, my life, and my secret sales. As a special "thanks for joining me", you'll get a 30% discount code right away. <3

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Kallissa Kristine

P.S. My birthday was on Friday! (#ScrewChristmasItsMyBirthday) I indulged alllll day. At breakfast with my bff, I enjoyed biscuits and gravy. Yum! In the afternoon, she treated me to a pedicure! Sweet! And my evening was spent with my lovebunch. Awww! We went to Olive Garden and savored their Black Tie Mousse Cake. Drool!

P.P.S. I don't indulge in those foods often, so it was extra pleasurable! And it's been almost a year since my poor feet got pampered with a pedi. It was a wonderful birthday!!!

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