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Updated: Oct 18, 2018

Hey Friends,

As you know, the art featured in my Fantasy Art Pendants jewelry line is original artwork by Drakey Art, which is owned by Jay Nixon and Nancy Johnson. I met Nancy and Jay in 2013 when I was the Media Relations Manager for the MACFest in Mesa, Arizona. (MACFest is a festival for local artisans to sell their wares along a section of downtown Mesa.) I had the opportunity to interview Drakey Art about their artwork, and I instantly became a fan! (I indeed have several of their pieces decorating my house! I'll show you those at a later date. ;-))

During the interview, I learned that Jay and Nancy knew my mom. Then Jay and I remembered that we volunteered at a local Boys and Girls Club at the same time shortly beforehand! He was an art instructor while I helped with admin tasks. What a small world!

Now I want you to know more about Nancy and Jay and their company. I asked them a few questions I thought you'd be intrigued to know answers to, so without further ado, meet Drakey Art!


KK: What does Drakey Art mean?

  • DA: "Dra" symbolizes Jay's Chinese Zodiac sign of Dragon and "key" symbolizes Nancy's Chinese Zodiac Sign of Monkey. So Drakey (drack-ee) is Jay's and Nancy's Art combined!

KK: If we were at a cocktail party, what drink would be in your hands right now?

  • DA: A glass of red wine for Nancy and a craft beer for Jay!

KK: What’s the inspiration behind your artwork?

  • DA: All things fantasy, magical, and colorful. Dragons are powerful, and butterflies are gentle.

KK: Nancy, what’s your favorite piece of Jay’s? Jay, what’s your favorite piece of Nancy’s?

  • DA: Nancy's favorite piece of Jay's is his Dragon painting, "Prince Grolth" because he is the first dragon. Jay's favorite piece of Nancy's is "Pumpkin" because our little black kitty is in the painting!

KK: Do you have a favorite Fantasy Art Pendant by KK Swann?

  • DA: "Picking Cherries" in the oval shape with a beaded chain for Nancy. Jay loves "General Zzorok" the Red Dragon on a black cord.

KK: Lastly, do you have any secret projects in the works that you can tell us about? ;-)

  • DA: Jay has 3 dragons that will be on set of a new Netflix original show "Santa Clarita Diet" featuring Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant due to be released in 2017. We are also working together on a children's book featuring the baby dragons in "The Gathering". (Jay is writing the story, and Nancy is assisting with illustrations.)

I'm so glad I got the chance to chat with them. If I hadn't, it wouldn't have led to this collaboration several years later and the creation of my all-new jewelry line. <3


Kallissa Kristine

P.S. You can explore their Etsy shop here!

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