How to keep people from tainting your energy...

Has this ever happened to you?

You're at work, and your coworker is being a heinous bitch to you - and only you. 😡 You just got home after a shitty commute during rush hour traffic that has left you reeling in anger. 😠 You're with your family for a holiday dinner, and your sister is giving you the cold shoulder because she thinks she's better than you. 😤

UGH! I've been there! Recently too... It's easy to stay angry at the person who's wronged you and to let that anger just build and build and build till you explode.

But - as I've had to remind myself not too long ago - there's a better way to handle the times when your energy is being poisoned by someone else...


3 Simple Steps Get Back to Your Happy Place


Take a few moments to close your eyes and feel the anger, pain, or embarrassment inside your body. Now visualize all of that negative energy pooling into a ball within your solar plexus and draw the dark ball of negativity out of your body and send it outside. Watch in your mind's eye as the ball disintegrates in the light of the sun or moon.

To protect yourself from being afflicted again, ground and shield yourself.


My favorite grounding exercise includes visualizing myself as a big, been-around-for-hundreds-of-years tree. With your feet flat on the ground, imagine yourself growing roots from the bottom of your feet. These roots stretch deep into the ground, all the way to the core of the earth. With your roots secure in the ground, straighten your spine and let the crown of your head reach towards the sun (or moon). Picture your upper body becoming branches that reach high into the sky, then higher and higher.


As you are a solid, grounded tree, imagine your body being covered in protective bark starting at your roots... up to your trunk and your crown... and out to your branches. You can still feel the wind and the sunshine, but your exterior is impenetrable against negative energies. Lastly, visualize your aura beaming with a color that makes you feel strong, secure, and happy (mine is a glittering white light).

Take in a few deep breaths as you come back to center within your body. You're ready to get back to your day with only positive energies enveloping you. 🌟✨💖

What techniques do you use to release negative energy in your life?

Let me know in the comments! 💖


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