How to feel sexy in your skin while also losing weight

I recently went hiking with my friend at Beacon Rock Trail in Washington state.

It was windy and cold and STEEP. 

I huffed and puffed. I took a ton of breaks. I whined and wanted to quit. A lot.

But I didn't.

My friend encouraged me the entire way up.

And I'm thankful that she did.

We hiked those 1.8 miles round-trip with 680 feet elevation gain! 🎉

I completed the monstrous hike, and I was (and still am) so proud of myself for doing it!

I'm proud, even though my legs were incredibly sore for 3 days. 😜

My friend and I have been talking lately about wanting to get healthy again.

For me, it's about avoiding the crappy health conditions that run rampant in my family. Diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, heart disease...the list goes on.

I personally don't want to battle any of these diseases or health conditions.

And in order to combat the potential, seemingly looming diagnoses, I need to get healthy.

But I have been battling myself with wanting to be healthy but also staying body-positive.

How does one respect and love their body and feel sexy in their skin while also losing weight?

Our culture teaches us that being voluptuous is bad and ugly.


I am sexy and desirable.

The number on the scale does NOT affect that!

What matters is my confidence and my love for my body.

So again, how does one go about losing weight in a body-positive manner?

Honestly, I'm not really sure yet.

One thing I've determined is that I need to focus on making and keeping healthy habitsnot the act of losing weight.

I hope you'll follow this journey, support me, and maybe even be inspired to make some healthy changes in your own life.

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