Create your own Love Potion

A while back I shared a message that I believe you'll enjoy now. Start your weekend with a note about self-love and self-care.

Self-love and authenticity are the perfect recipe for happiness, balance, and creation.

The love you have for yourself is currently in a powerful time of expansion.

Be authentic to who you are, and soon you will be on the path to your greatest love.

Connect with your highest self to really know what you need to do to grow your self-love — to create your own metaphorical Love Potion. They hold the answers to your specific recipe.

Though two ingredients are undeniable — authenticity and self-love.

Additionally, maybe you're being called to connect with nature and the arts; create balance in your personal life; visit a foreign land; embark on a new enterprise; or learn a skill.

No matter the ingredients, your individual concoction will help you develop and grow an expanding love for yourself.

This is a powerful time to experience healing and a deeper love for yourself.

Believe in and know that you deserve Divine love, and you will be closer to your highest self.

I hope you have a lovely weekend, whether you're hanging with friends, partners, or your higher self.

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