Celebrate YOUR genitals!

Let’s be honest... 

We could all stand to celebrate our genitals more often. Am I right?

I want to make shame and embarrassment of our genitalia a thing of the past!

So I’ve designed completely one-of-a-kind necklaces that showcase all kinds of vulvas and penises!

Some of them even help you celebrate your  s e x u a l i t y  or sexual  f a n t a s i e s! 😉

When you order, you get in the mail: an OOAK necklace and a couple of affirmation cards for body love. Plus, you get details for a free digital download! Oh, and did I mention the naughty, penis-shaped candy I'm including as a gift?

I’m so excited to bring you Pleasure Pendants to get you excited about sex, bodies, and consent

If this invitation is making you feel empowered and ready to share some love for your genitals… then say “Hell yes!”

Hit the button below to start shoppin', Friend. 😘

I'll be donating 10% of the net profit from these necklaces to SPEEC (Sex-Positive Education and Event Center) in Portland, Oregon.

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