Celebrate my birthday with 23% off your entire purchase!

It's almost my birthday!

My birthday is December 23rd. And I haaate it.

Who remembers December birthdays, especially when they're so close to Christmas? Pretty much no one. *siiiiigh*

Last year, I started the #ScrewChristmasItsMyBirthday campaign! This year, it continues!!!


Allllll month long, I'm offering 23% off your entire purchase (including sale items)!

Just use coupon code 'DEC23' when checking out.


PLUS, I'll be slipping a #ScrewChristmasItsMyBirthday button into every order placed in December.

We all know someone who has a December birthday, right? Make their day by giving them the button!

Not sure what to use your discount on? Check out these sexy jewelry pieces...


Hole-some Goodness




Pretty Pink

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