Beauty in exercise

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

My friend and I went to the Wildberry Trail of Forest Park in Portland a few weeks ago.

The road that led to the trail head was closed about a mile before it due to a landslide that had half of the street broken and falling down the hill. 😲

So we walked to the trail head up what felt like a monstrous incline. It was SO much work! More work than the actual trail. Ha!

But my goddess, the trail was beyond worth it! I felt like I was adding to my "spiritual bank." 💖

The trees were huge and covered in beautiful green moss. I soaked up some of their energy and thanked them for it.

There was a babbling creek that sounded like the perfect place to meditate near. And we crossed a couple of bridges, which looked like trolls could live under them. 😊

The wind was giving us a wonderful breeze. And it was raining lightly, but the sweet old trees covered us from most of it.

I felt faery magic all around me. It was incredible! 💖

We didn't finish the trail cuz my bladder would've burst, and nobody needs that. 😆

But it was an hour and a half less that we otherwise would've been on the couch eating unhealthy foods out of boredom! This, we were happy for. 😊

And did I mention how worth it the hard work was to be in that beautiful, faery-licious alcove of nature? 😍

Have you been on any delicious hikes, walks, or runs outside lately? Hit Reply and tell me about them!

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