Do you accept commission work?

Thanks so much for thinking of me for your project! At this time, I accept commissions for Pleasure Pendants. 

Click here for that info.

I’d love to have my art featured in your jewelry! Can I make that happen?

Maybe! Thanks for thinking of me! Take a look at Work with Me for more info on my collaborations.

Your jewelry would look awesome in my shop! Can I sell your jewelry there?

I hope so! But first things first, take a peek at Work with Me to see if we’d be a good fit for each other.

Who are the ideal owners of Pleasure Pendants?

Peeps who are 18+ years old & comfortable with their sexuality!

Who are NOT ideal owners of Pleasure Pendants?

Peeps who are ultra conservative or are under 18 years old and don't have their parents' consent to wear them.

Do you have Jewelry Care Instructions?

Absolutely! Every order comes with a Jewelry Care Instructions card!

And for added convenience, here they are:

  • Put me on after you do your hair and makeup.

  • Don’t wear me in water (like pools or spas).

  • At the end of the day, wipe me down with this soft cloth and store me in this bag (each order comes with a drawstring organza bag!) for safe keeping.

  • Tell your friends how much you love me! #byKKSwann

Where can I follow you online?

I'm on all of the major channels as @bykkswann. I'm diggin' on Instagram and Pinterest the most these days!

Do you have an email list I can join?

Yes! I’d be honored if you’d join me in my VIP e-Club! It is super simple, and you get several gifts when you sign up, including a 30% off coupon. Join me below!

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